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“What about Lola?” I ask enthusiastically, letting the baby name book fall open in my lap as I burrow further under the covers.
“Lola Lupin?” Remus asked incredulously, looking up through his glasses forgetting the novel in front of him. Blimey, he looks handsome in those glasses.
Lola Lupin does sound a little silly now that he brought that to my attention.
“Hmm, well I hadn’t really thought of the Lupin attached to it.
I feel his foot nudge mine under the blankets. “I should think that would be an important part,” he teased.
I roll my eyes and sigh. “It is! I just didn’t think of it. I just like the name Lola.” I hear a non-committal groan from the place next to me. “So is that a ‘no’ then?”
“Yes, it’s a ‘no’,” he answers, turning a page in his book.
I scowl and flip forward through the book to the next dog-eared page. “Louisa?”
“Not bad.”
I shake my head and keep looking. “I thought we’d only fight half as much- after all we only have to come up with one name, not two. This isn’t fair.”
Remus adjusts his glasses. “What if the baby is a boy?    I know Katie said she was quite sure, but Healers are occasionally wrong.”
I freeze in the middle of turning the page. I hadn’t bloody thought of that! Oh no! 
I groan.
“What’s next on the list?” Remus questions, flipping another page.
“Stella,” I say confidently.
A question. Not a good sign. “Yeah, it means ‘star’ in Italian. I thought that was cool. Most everyone in the Black family is named after stars, and I thought it appropriate.” 
“Hmm,” he says again, drawing the sound out, not looking up from the novel. “Are you sure you want to name our child after Black family traits? Ella is one thing, but I thought you hated the business of astrological names. Aren’t there any Tonks names to consider?”
What he doesn’t realize is that the Tonks names are only slightly less horrid.
“Gertie? Agnes? Prudence? Kitty? Mimi?”
The book closes. “Kitty and Mimi? You’ve got to be joking, Dora.”
S’all true. I cringe and look over at him. “No, they were sisters who lived in this garish house in London.”
I hope the word garish coming from me conveys the sheer ugliness of that house.
“That’s atrocious,” he mumbles, shaking his head.
I scowl, feeling frustrated. “All right then, let’s hear some Lupin names then.”
I’ve clearly gotten his attention, or pushed his buttons now. He looks up at the ceiling and sighs. “Well, there’s Evelyn, Edith, Ethel- they were my great Aunts on my father’s side, and my mother’s sister was Mabel.”
The expression on my face betrays me. They aren’t awful, but they certainly aren’t what I was hoping for.
“You don’t fancy any of those?” he asks with a smirk.
I make a face. “No. Sorry.”
“Well, we have months yet, Dora, we don’t have to decide today.”
I pout and steal the book away from him when he makes to open it again. “I know, but it bothers me just to call her ‘baby’ now. It’s so impersonal. She’s our daughter and she’s special, and I want her to have a lovely name.”
Remus sighs and rubs his hand over his face. “I know, and I agree that she’s very special, and I want her to have a befitting name too, but that does not mean we should rush into one.”
He’s right, I know he’s right. He’s almost always right. “D’you still love me then?” I tease, folding over the corner of the page to mark it as Remus cringes.
A relaxed smile spreads across his face. “Yes, with all my heart- even though you ‘hurt’ books, eat biscuits in bed, and trip over nothing.” He shifts closer and rests his hand over my stomach. “One day I’ll tell our daughters how I fell in love with their mother- a truly amazing, caring witch with a penchant for purple-”
He went silent for a moment, and my eyes darted up, wondering if something was wrong.
“Your hair, it was purple the day I met you, wasn’t it?”
I shrugged. “Probably, I seem to recall going through a purple phase then.”
He swallowed and smoothed his hand over my tummy. “What about the name Violet? It’s Victorian, and sentimental because it’s a reminder of the day we met. I’ll never forget that.”
I honestly never thought of it before.
It’s traditional, yet not frumpy, feminine, but not- prissy. And it is quite sentimental. I had no idea Remus remembered such things.
He looked at me curiously, waiting for an answer one way or another, then looked away, setting his book on the nightstand.
The name was growing on me, it was undeniable. Violet. I couldn’t think of anything I didn’t like about it.
“Well, we’ll keep thinking,” Remus said with a yawn.
“No,” I answered quickly, “I like it.”
“Really?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.
“Yeah, I do. It’s beautiful. I had no idea you remembered what colour hair I had the day we met.”
He blushed a lovely shade of red as I snuggled closer, lying on my side, resting my head on his shoulder. “How could I forget? It was the day I started falling in love with you.”
I tilted my head and looked up at him. “Me too,” I whispered, pressing my lips to his. I sighed happily and placed his hand on my abdomen once again. “Violet,” I said, giving my belly a tap.
I felt a distinct flutter in my stomach like butterflies, or a bubble popping. I know that feeling- it was the baby quickening. “The baby!” I said excitedly, tapping on my belly once again, as a child would tap on the side of a grindylow tank. 
“What?” Remus asked nervously. “Are you all right?” He made to sit up, but I stilled him.
“I’m fine, I felt the baby move. I think our daughter likes the name Violet.” I smile over at him, hoping he appreciates my silly sentiments.
He kisses my forehead. “I’m sure she does.”
I press his hand to my stomach, knowing he won’t feel anything, but hoping, nevertheless. “So what about a middle name then?” I ask, waiting to see if Violet moves again.
“Oh no,” he replies, shaking his head and rubbing my belly. “I came up with Violet- you get to come up with her middle name.”
I laugh. “So, based on your idea of naming her after the hair colour I had the day we met, her middle name ought to be ‘Grey’ then, shouldn’t it?”
He laughs heartily and clutches his chest. “Such cruelty. Should I pull the dagger out of my heart? Or would you rather?”
I giggle and bury my face into his chest. “Just teasing, love, just teasing. Violet Grey, I do sort of like the sound of that, you know?”
He arches his eyebrows. “It does have a certain ring to it, but I don’t think I like the association there. I’m old,” he laughs.
“No, no, no. It’s in the baby name book, I’ll bet. It’s a nice British name. C’mon, it’s lovely. Violet Grey Lupin. It has balance- just like us.”
He narrows his eyes and looks down at me. “I’ll think about it.”
I laugh and reach over him, turning off the light at the side of the bed. “You do that, darling,” I reply, kissing him mischievously. “Just not now, OK?”
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