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I do not believe it. I can’t. I refuse.
Harry is a true hero, a fighter, someone who has overcome every obstacle. 
I won’t accept this. 
Aurors don’t leave a man behind. I wasn’t there. I should have been. He needed me, the Order needed me- we let them down. Remus and I wasted nearly an entire evening at the Ministry just waiting for something to go wrong with Harriet- and it never did.
When it came time to tell Remus- I couldn’t even say the words. Saying them made it real, and I just can’t face it.
He was my friend, Remus’ friend, Ella’s godfather. What are we going to tell her? What about the baby? I already asked Harry and Ginny to be the baby’s godparents.
What am I going to say to her? 
Remus wraps his arms around me, and I burrow into his chest, tears marring the front of his robes. It should be me comforting him. I feel so helpless.
“What are we going to do?” I ask selfishly, grasping at the lapels on Remus’ robes.
“I should see what I can do for Ginny,” he replies, rubbing my back.
I nod, but don’t let go.
“Am I stupid to hold out hope?” I mumble, sniffling softly.
Remus pulls away, taking my face in his hands. “Absolutely not. You’re the most optimistic person I know. It’s not wrong to hold out hope when we don’t know the truth.”
I feel a tug on the leg of my pants. “Mummy, why are you crying?”
I look down to see Ella standing there with her bear, Merlin, tucked under her arm.
I wipe the tears away and force a smile. “It’s ok, love,” I say, taking her in my arms. Remus embraces the two of us and I feel him let out a heavy sigh.
We have so little information to go on…
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