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After the moon

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I’m speechless, shocked and a little bit startled. The Wolfsbane worked. Remus isn’t immune to it, thank Merlin, but that leaves us with another scary thought: why isn’t the regular supply working? Is someone tampering with it? Are other Werewolves being affected? That seems unlikely though, since Harriet did not have any problems and Remus spoke to Hilary about it months ago (I still think that sick cow had something to do with it though.)

I have a new resolve to do what I can to help my husband in any way I can.

Yesterday I spent the day checking in on Harriet, who seemed fine, and Remus, who seemed to be doing as well as he was the last time the Wolfsbane worked.

Remus fell asleep after lunch, so I Apparated over to Phoenix House for news and to check in on Darcy.

I learned of the most unfortunate attacks on Hogsmeade, and I am shocked at the depth of it. I’ve not heard or seen neither hide, nor hair of Fenrir Greyback in months. Just the typical crap vague report that always gets pushed across my desk this time of the month. I’m sure I’ll have several waiting for me tomorrow morning. It was bearable when Harry was my partner, because at least we were miserable together, this, however, just sucks.

A part of me feels guilty that I wasn’t here to help the small town cope with the inundation of attacks. Kingsley promised me two days off, to keep tabs on Remus and Harriet, but the Order needed me, and I should have been here.

Although there were some deaths, and a few attacks by Werewolves, none of us were hurt this time. Nevertheless, it’ll be more work for Remus, and, as always, he’ll be sorely disappointed and frustrated.

It was thrilling to hear firsthand that Darcy did not transform with the moon. As we’d always suspected, all evidence pointed to the fact that Lycanthropy is not genetic, inherited, or some blood-borne pathogen. Darcy should have transformed if she were infected, but she didn’t. This is an answer to a HUGE question concerning Werewolves for ages, but I highly doubt my ‘employers’ will take this as proof. Nevertheless, maybe this ray of light will make baby Darcy more adoptable.

I tiptoed into the nursery, peeked down into the bassinette, only to find her dark eyes gazing up at me, and I can’t help but smile. I gently scooped her into my arms and eased into the rocking chair nearby.

She listened, and I talked about all kinds of things, but mainly how I truly felt things would be OK for her in some way, shape, or form. I’ve tried not to let myself become too attached to her, it’s not good- it’ll only break my heart later on. She needs someone who will understand her, and if I wasn’t for that stupid law that people stricken with Lycanthropy couldn’t adopt children-

She would have made a nice addition to our family.

I can’t honestly say that I even look at her and think of Fenrir Greyback anymore. She’s Harriet’s baby, and, Merlin-willing, someday she will be someone else’s baby, but since he was at the forefront of my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if he knows he has a child. If he was near Hogsmeade this week, he could have been so close to her; closer than I can stomach thinking about, and I wonder if he could feel her presence.

Maybe that’s just a thing that true parents feel, not just sperm donors. Remus and I just know when something is wrong with Ella, we feel it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m pregnant and protective, but I just hope he never finds out she exists.

I stayed with the baby for a couple of hours before heading back home. I wanted Remus to have a few hours of silence- even if he didn’t sleep, I knew he had a lot of his mind, and I didn’t want to be there hovering over him.

I briefly toured Hogsmeade, seeing evidence of the recent devastation everywhere; it was heartbreaking. I felt guilty, and sad, recalling the year I spent here. It was at the lowest time of my life, but these people opened their hearts, homes, and business to me, and it meant something. I spent countless weekends here as a teenager at Hogwarts, as have thousands of others- to see this quaint village burned, attacked, living in fear- it renews me to do my job, and do it well.

I Apparated into the back garden at Lupin Lodge and took a deep breath. The wildflowers were in full bloom, and I wondered if I could convince Remus and Ellie to go for a walk with me.

I quietly crept inside the house, and up the stairs toward the bedrooms. Ella and Harriet were both lying on the floor in Ellie’s room, and Harriet was reading her one of her favorite stories. I smiled, and continued down the hall to our bedroom.

The door was ajar, but there were no sounds coming from within the room. I peered in through the opening to see Remus, still in bed, eyes closed, and his chest rising and falling with each breath. I bit my lip and smiled. He looked so angelic and relaxed, and I fought the urge to tiptoe inside and curl up next to him.

Just as I was about to close the door and give him some peace and quiet, he spoke.

“You’ll never be able to sneak up on me, you know.”

I let out a breathy laugh and turn around, pushing the door open to enter the room. “And why is that?” I ask, walking toward him.

He extended his hand toward mine. “You stumbled on the fourth step, sighed loudly, the floor creaked in the hall, and I can smell your perfume.”

I rake my hands through his hair and smile. “I’m sorry to have woken you. How’re you feeling?”

He turns his head to the side and presses a kiss to my wrist. “You didn’t wake me; I’ve been awake for some time now. I’m feeling better than I was 28 days ago at this time, that’s for sure.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and stretched, his joints crackling softly.

I sighed with relief and leaned down to kiss his forehead. “I’m glad. Can I convince you to go for a short walk with me? The moor looks lovely, and the fresh air will do you good. Ellie and Harriet can run ahead of us and pick berries. Do you feel up to it? If you don’t we could just go sit-”

“It sounds lovely,” he interrupted, taking my hand in his and pushing himself off the bed. “Hmm, how’s the baby?”

I blushed. “How’d you know?”

Remus draped his arm around my shoulders and stepped into his shoes at the foot of the bed. “I knew you were worried about her, you’re a pregnant woman- and a wonderful mother. How is she?”

I rested my head against his arm. “Good, she’s good. Mark my words, that baby is going to be a good listener one day, she listened to me ramble for a long time.”

“Mm, nothing bad I hope.”

I wrap my arm around his waist and give him a little squeeze. “It wasn’t a good night in Hogsmeade last night,” I said, as we walked down the hall to Ellie’s room.

“Tell me later,” Remus began, shaking his head as he looked down at the floor. “Wait- did any of us-”

“No, we didn’t suffer any losses.”

We stopped at Ella’s room and invited the girls to join us, waiting as they both found shoes before heading down the stairs ahead of us. At the back door they stopped to grab their empty buckets for berry picking and headed out, leaving Remus and I to follow behind.

“And what of our baby today, Mrs. Lupin, how is she, or he?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Hmm, wonderful, I think,” I said, letting my free hand drift to my stomach as Remus and I slowly stepped out onto the grass, following the girls toward the tree line.

“Wonderful? I can deal with wonderful,” Remus answered, kissing my temple. “When is your next appointment?”

“Thursday. Do you want to come with?” I questioned, watching as Ella stoops to pick a daisy and then turns to wave to us.

“Absolutely, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

I stopped and turned, placing Remus’ hand on my belly as I pressed a kiss to his lips “We’d love that.”
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